Making a floor shine is the bread and butter of a housekeeper or maid and when you personally clean your house, almost a quarter of the time is spent on cleaning the floor. You may be engaging a professional cleaner for floor cleaning maybe once a quarter but it’s a daily ritual in most households. There is good reason why you should invest in the right tools for the job and have the right information at hand to accomplish this task.

Step by step guide for floor care :

    • Sweep or vacuum the floor. You can use a broom or vacuum cleaner of choice.
    • Add the prescribed quantity of floor cleaner like McLean PRO2 cleaner to the mop bucket.
    • Insert the mop head into the handle, dip in the mop bucket and wring out the excess water.
    • Use a figure-8 motion to clean the floor in a systematic fashion. Keep moving in one direction, do not go back & forth. Do not use a push-pull action! Don’t forget to rinse the mop frequently.
    • Use a dry microfiber mop to shine the surface and prevent water stains forming on the floor. This removes any residual alkalinity and prevents water stains or sticky areas.