Presenting McLean ScruB

A multi purpose, battery run, hand held, waterproof power scrubber. Clean tough dirt, oil stains, stubborn grime on multiple surfaces like tiles, stove tops, glass, kitchen sink and more.

Effortlessly clean tiled surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom or balcony. McLean ScruB makes it a breeze to scrub away tough oily stains and grime. No more endless scrubbing with abrasive pads.
ScruB away stubborn grease and patches from pans, utensils and pots with ease. Protect your hands from water, soap & stains. Worry free cleaning for pans and pots of different shapes and designs.
Ceramic Fixtures
Keep your ceramic fixtures sparkling white and shining in bathrooms & kitchen with McLean ScruB. No more yellow stains and slimy deposits on your sinks, washbasins and other fixtures.
Other Surfaces
Clean any surface easily with McLean ScruB – Your glass stove top, bathroom mirror, glass table top, kitchen platform and more, shine all these surfaces in a jiffy with lesser effort and better results.
  • Multi-purpose scrubber helps clean a variety of surfaces like tiles, glass, stove tops and more
  • Powerful scrubber to effortlessly clean stubborn stains, grime, oil and dust
  • Waterproof with anti-slip rubber grip and durable body
  • Comes with brush and scrubbing pad
  • Runs on AA batteries
  • RPM – 200 RPM
  • Weight – 300 gm (without batteries)
  • Battery type – 4 x AA Batteries (not included in standard pack)

What’s included

  • 1 x Power Scrubber
  • 1 x Heavy Duty Scrubbing Pad
  • 1 x Brush
  • Owner Manual
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